About Us

Through our innovative and integrated training and employment solutions, we help training companies, organizations and individuals succeed in their mission.

We advise companies on how to properly and strategically setup, create and/or renew training programs to enable those training programs to lead to successful Careers in an array of different industries. We then help those individuals who went through the training programs become employed through our employment solutions.

We also help companies understand how to obtain Government Grants, Government funding, and funding from other sources to enable individuals to go through training programs that lead to careers and how to hire individuals with the help of possible third party funding. ​

We assist companies in employing the right individuals into the right positions utilizing our services. ​

We help and advise individuals on how to determine what type of training programs would be best suited for them through assessments and planning. We then advise them on how to obtain funding that would allow them to go through such training that will lead to a Career.

We also help an array of individuals that we like to call “the hidden and untapped talent market.” This includes Military Service Members and their Spouses, at risk youth, Women, individuals with disabilities or barriers to employment, minorities and a wide range of other underutilized talent pools that we can assist.

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