Are you looking to hire individuals with certain skill sets that can come from Vocational or Occupational training? ​

Are you aware of different Government programs that could possibly help minimize the cost of training and/or on-boarding a new hire? ​

Are you looking for a firm that will refer the right, qualified, professional clients to you?

​ Is your organization looking at utilizing an outside firm for services to help their business?

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Employer Solutions

Employment Services and Solutions to include the following:

• Analyze company’s history, culture, brand and workplace expectations

• Identify key staff involved in the hiring process

• Understanding of positions needed to fill by a specific date

• Understand company’s hiring process

• Understand how the company has filled positions before

• Recruitment of individuals to fill positions

• Assessment of individuals to determine if they are the right fit for the position

• Pre-Screen and interview of recruited individuals after initial assessment

• Employment reference checks and background checks (at employer’s discretion)

• Candidate presentation to employer Facilitate the job offer, negotiations, counter offers and/or acceptance letters

• Help manage the transition to hire

• Follow up with employee and employer at the 15, 30 and 60-day mark

• Follow up every 6 months for 3-5 years as agreed upon

• Succession planning and/or retention planning

• Help company with any tax credits, Government grants and other special funding sources to help and enable the hiring of new candidates ​

Team Building:

• Working effectively together through high performance team development. Selecting and strengthening your teams’ abilities to work together effectively by understanding the value of individual styles, needs and stress behaviors. Utilizing proven benchmarks for highly successful, productive teams as a path to higher productivity.

Job profiling:

• Developing a useful scientifically valid profile for employee and management positions, which is tested and modified based on performance measurements. Success in a given position is now understood and can be used for coaching, succession planning and retention planning. By having the right person in the right position means greater retention and overall company success. ​

Merger and/or Acquisitions Cultural Compatibility Evaluation:

• Understanding the culture in the to-be- acquired company and the talent it has before the acquisition is complete will save the acquirer money and time.

Internships, Apprenticeships and Mentorships:

• Building and assisting in the creation of internship, apprenticeship and mentorship programs

Labor Relations:

• Understanding the person on the opposite side for negotiations makes for successful labor relations. Knowing your culture and theirs will greatly assist in meeting your goals.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring:

• When great talent needs a hand, our Executive Coaching will take your C-Level Executives to the desired level. Having the Senior Executives help develop and nurture the nascent executives is a great way to retain and enhance that talent. ​

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