Are you currently unemployed and wondering what your next step is in regards to a career?

Are you currently unemployed and/or employed and looking for occupational training from a certified training provider, to get into a new career, advance your current career or switch careers? ​

Do you currently have employable skills and are just looking to find gainful employment?

​ Or are you completely lost and don't know where to start? ​

Welcome to Training Employment Solutions, Inc.
Individual Solutions

The first thing we do with all of the individuals that we help, is an in-depth assessment of who they are, what they have done and where they want to go.

This allows us to figure out how to come up with the best solution, for each individual we work with.

Some of our clients need employment right away. We can help with that through our network of employers and organizations we work with through our employment services.

Some of our clients need training before they become employed. We also help with that as well. At Training Employment Solutions, we work with training companies and organizations to make sure they are offering quality training programs that lead to employment. We then work with these organizations to ensure they are kept to the highest standards as we certify them or do not certify them based on several different aspects of success. These are: ​​

• Do the training programs lead to in-demand careers?

• Does the training organization assess individuals first before putting them into just any type of training?

• What is the success rate of the training programs?

• How do they recruit new candidates into their programs?

• Is it through false advertisement or broken promises? Or is it through honest marketing?

• Are the training programs State or Veterans Affairs approved?

• What type of funding is available for possible candidates?

• Are there grants available?

• Are the training programs ADA compliant? How much do the course/s cost?

• Are they reasonably priced?

• What is the modality of the training programs?

• Are the programs instructor led, online or blended with both?

• How are the trainers and what type of style is their training?

• Are they more lecture based or hands on?

• If the programs don’t lead to employment right away, do they at least lead to an internship?

• What type of studying material is included?

• Is there test prep for any exams that need to be passed? ​

Before we refer any of our clients to any training organization or any training program, they must pass our criteria for being a trustworthy and reliable training organization with honest and successful programs. After our clients are referred to the training organization or training program, we work with them to also ensure that they become employed or put into an internship, depending on the training.

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