Are you a company looking to create, modify or renew training programs to successfully employ the right candidates? ​

Are you a training company looking to modify or renew your training programs to meet today's standards of Government agencies and/or to attract new candidates to your programs?

​ Are you an Academy, University or School looking to create, modify and/or renew training programs to successfully train individuals on topics that lead to employment?

Welcome to Training Employment Solutions, Inc.
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We have been working with training and employment programs for the past 15+ years and are shaking up the industry and status quo by doing what's right for the overall, successful outcomes of your programs. ​ See how our process works below:

Organizational evaluation and analysis of company to determine what type of services are needed.

This includes:

Training Program/s Evaluation and Analysis Create new training programs, renew and/or update current or old training programs.

• What is the recruitment process of possible candidates for training programs?

• What, if any, is the assessment process of recruits for training programs?

• Do training programs lead to careers? If so, are they sought after careers by employers?

• Are the training programs State or Veterans Affairs approved?

• What type of funding is available for possible candidates?

• Are the training programs ADA compliant?

• What is the success rate of the training programs?

• How much do the course/s cost?

• Are they reasonably priced?

• What is the modality of the training programs?

• Are the programs instructor led, online or blended with both?

• How are the trainers and what type of style is their training?

• Are they more lecture based or hands on?

• If the programs don’t lead to employment right away, do they at least lead to an internship?

• What type of studying material is included?

• Is there test prep for any exams that need to be passed?

Operations & Sales Process

• What is the operational process from start to finish to enrolling and registering a prospective candidate?

• What types of tools/software programs are they utilizing?

• Do they have training for employees?

• If so, what does the training process look like?

• Is there a sales process?

• Is there training for the sales process? With steps and scripts? Is it written down and trained on or is it word of mouth?


• What is the marketing plan for the training programs?

• How is the website?

• How is the marketing collateral?

• How effective does their marketing recruit new candidates?

• What is the ROI on the marketing efforts?

• Is marketing in-house or through a third party marketing firm?

Past clients

• What did they like and what did they not like?

• Who is the training company to them?

• Would they return as a customer?

• Were the clients successful in their training and in obtaining a career or keeping their position and/or getting a promotion due to training?

As mentioned above, we also help build training programs, academies, and other training entities from scratch. This process is described below:

Training Employment Solutions, Inc. to prepare (X) Company for State of (insert State here) Department of Higher Education application to become an approved Private Occupational Training Facility. This includes the following:

• Walk-through and inspection of facility to determine if the space is adequate for technical training which includes: ADA compliance, network infrastructure, parking, work space, equipment for training (to also include accessible equipment), software licenses, space for labs and studying, furniture, restrooms, break-rooms, and faculty management.

• Build out of programs including syllabuses, technical training, professional development and soft skills training to become certified and employed in different industries depending on the target careers.

• Review of application information to include the following:

School demographics

Agent information Surety information

Required disclosures

Tuition costs


Program approval forms

Stand-alone course approval forms

Course catalog design and build

Evaluator reports

Instructor applications and reviews

Syllabus and program creation to include all reference materials, teaching aides, supplies and books with titles, publishers and copyright dates

Enrollment agreement build and design

Balance sheet for review

Safety inspection reports for facility

Draft copies of media advertising and other promotional literature

Facility leases agreement

Insurance review

Background checks

• Once everything above is in place and the proper paperwork is in order, Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will sign-off on (X) company to submit the application to the State.

• Once submitted, if anything comes back that needs to be changed or edited, Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will help (X) Company.

• During the approval process, Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will work with (X) Company to prepare for first run of classes.

• Once (X) Company is approved, Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will work with (X) Company on the following:

Work with local companies to find positions to fill from the programs (X) Company will run.

Work with Government funding sources to promote (X) Company and to start referring people to (X) Company.

Advertise, recruit, assess and figure out funding for each selected participant.

Manage funding process with (X) Company for each selected participant.

Help (X) Company enroll each selected, funded participant into (X) Company training programs.

Help manage (X) Company course schedule to make sure adequate instructors are staffed properly

Help manage (X) Company training courses advertisements

Help manage classroom participants once training has started

Ensure success of each enrolled participant in (X) Company

Ensure proper studying and practice tests are in place

Ensure each enrolled participant is able and ready to be placed into either an internship or a paid position upon successful completion of program

Help (X) Company with placement efforts

Ensure 5 year follow up plan is in place with each enrolled participant to be able to report back to the State on performance data

Manage operations of (X) Company with help from (X) Company

• Once the State approval comes in, Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will help (X) Company with Veterans Affairs approval process to be able to accept GI Bill and Federal Vocational Rehabilitation funding programs.

• Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will also help (X) Company become approved with State Vocational Rehabilitation funding programs.

• Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will help (X) Company become approved with other funding programs after initial State approval happens.

• Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will also help (X) Company open up locations across the United States to include other locations with the same criteria as mentioned above

• Training Employment Solutions, Inc. will also certify and authorize (X) Company under the Training Employment Solutions, Inc. Authorized and Certified Training Partners which will include a semi-annual review of all courses and participants to ensure quality performance and results for three years. After three years, this will need to be renewed. ​

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